Thank you for visiting the website of DBYS. We are based in St. Augustine, Fl with an office in Norfolk, Va.

My name is Dylan Bailey.  I have 29 years in the boating industry. As a son of a boat builder, I was exposed to boats at an early age. I have built, lived on, and sailed on boats most of my life.

Because of working with custom boat builders on the Chesapeake I was able to gain first hand knowledge of a variety of building materials such as metal: steel and Aluminum, wood: cold-molded, ply, carvel plank and fiberglass: cored and solid building methods.  I also have first hand knowledge of the installation of systems both electrical and mechanical as well as paint systems for all materials and how to spot problems with them.  I have worked on the construction of power and sail, pleasure and commercial.

As a Marine Surveyor I have learned the art of  surveying the “old school” way of serving as an apprentice.

As a boater I have sailed thousands of miles inshore and offshore.

As a Marine Surveyor it is my job to work for you and only you. To use my knowledge to provide a thorough and precise report. Please email for a sample report.

Every vessel is inspected to standards as set forth by the American Boat & Yacht Council, the United States Coast Guard, and the National Fire Prevention Association.