In March I put out the first newsletter for DBYS. This will be a bimonthly newsletter of findings and information related to the marine industry. Here is the first issue of the newsletter.

Dylan Bailey's Yacht Surveying

Issue 1

Detecting trapped moisture around embedded chainplates
In October I was asked by Beth Leonard of Boat US if Thermal Imaging could help determine the condition of embedded chainplates. I had not tried, but I am always up for a challenge! It did work to detect trapped moisture. Should you remove you're chainplates if trapped moisture is found? My answer is yes! Although it does not always mean you will find corrosion, but I would hope you would sleep better at night, I know I would. For more information on using thermal imaging on chainplate inspections read my blog. I will posting information on the inspections later this week. Boat US did an alert in their Sea Worthy Magazine about embedded chainplates, to read click below.
Upcoming Presentations
On March 12th Jack Allinson and I will be giving a talk to the East Coast Sailing Association in Melbourne, FL, about the benefits of using thermal imaging on boats.
March 20th I will be speaking to the North Florida Cruising Club
I am honored to speak to this group that is based in the area of the St. Johns River that I learned to sail on. For information on the presentation see the links below.
Once again on March 22, Jack Allinson and I will be at it again. We will be giving the talk that we did at IBEX last year.