Organizations:  Society of Accredited Marine Surveyors, Inc.  The American Boat & Yacht Council The Metal Boat Society  Boat US

Yacht Designers:  Dudley Dix Yacht Design I own a Dix47 a great boat by a great designer! Dudley designs out of all materials and sizes and for all levels of abilities.  Ted Brewer Yacht Designs I worked on the building of a Brewer sailboat in the late 80s, and had the honor to meet him recently. I highly recommend his book on yacht design “Understanding Boat Design”   Bruce Roberts Yacht DesignI have worked and sailed on many of his designs. Give Hal a call he is a great person to work with. Hal Whitacre Naval Architect ... 20 years with Bruce Roberts Yacht Design USA  Telephone + 1 410  279 2525 Reuel Parker Yacht Design I have known Reuel since I was a kid. 20 years ago I sail on his Pilot Schooner 60 Leopard from North Carolina to St. Augustine. Capt. Tom Lokocz Adams Tom is a marine engineer and marine surveyor in Maine who specializes in wood boats.

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Cruising Blogs: Great documentation of replacing chainplates. Some great former clients with an inspiring DVD series. There out there on their extended voyage. Follow them along.   Follow the building of an aluminum Dix43. Fellow metal boat owners and an inspiration to anyone who wants to voyage